Twenty-nine Years

I remember where I was when I heard. 

I was coming down the stairs at home and my Mom and brother were talking about it.  John Lennon, murdered outside of his New York City apartment building by a so-called “fan”.  A consistent voice for peace, silenced by bullets, his weird but devoted wife at his side.  It was unbelievable.

Now it’s 29 years later and the Beatles have still not slipped into history.  They’re current.  They’re still “making” music!  But what did Chapman deny us by murdering Lennon? More music and who knows what else.

I’m in favour of capital punishment in such cases.  The Mark David Chapmans of the world should not be drawing breath.  Call it barbaric if you want but that’s how I feel.  Chapman ended the world for Lennon and it ought to be over for him, too.  Go ahead and tell me that Lennon wouldn’t approve and again, I don’t really care about that.  We’re the ones who are left behind and we’re the ones who have to make things right for ourselves.  The Chapmans, Bernardos and Olsens – when it’s certain and it’s inexplicable, they ought to go.

Meanwhile there are going to be tributes and memorials today.  I’m just going to play some Beatles music and remember.