Let’s Go Racing, Boys and Girls!

I’ll be spending a lot of my weekend at the CPT Racing Experience at the Western Fair Agriplex.

It’s for anyone who likes anything with a motor that goes fast!  There are lots of hands-on exhibits and tons of stuff to keep kids occupied.  Plenty of racing personalities are going to be there, too, including NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace. I think that my favourite thing will be – again this year – the massive, converted buses that take race fans to tracks in the US on weekend or week-long excursions.  I would dearly love to be able to afford to hire one of those babies for a week and take a bunch of pals on a road trip in luxury.  Rock bands would drool over the comfort of these vehicles. It would be an amazing way to travel.  There’s plenty of room and they’ve thought of everything.  Someone at the show will win one of those trips this weekend.

Now that I’m doing publicity and media relations for Delaware Speedway I have a lot to learn about the racing world. This weekend will immerse me in it. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the racers and talking to them about their passion.  And maybe I’ll get a few minutes to sit on that bus and dream a little.