Questions, Questions

Do the authorities force famous people who have been arrested to wash off their make-up and mess up their hair and look as if they’ve been sleeping in a ditch just before they take a mug shot?

A woman who’s described as one of the owners of the oldest cattle ranch in the US was just nabbed for tearing open a package of raw ground beef in a supermarket and wandering the aisles while eating it.  I can only assume she didn’t look like she had slept at an outdoor bus stop before she went into the store, but I have no proof.  However, the evidence for my claim is piling up over the years.

John Travolta flew his own plane full of supplies and helpers into Haiti and flew back with dozens of Haitian-Americans aboard, to reunite them with their families.  He’s gathering goods for another flight.  He is crediting Scientology for helping his family heal after the death of his teenage son last year. Isn’t it time we gave the man a break and agreed that if he wants to become a member of the Turnip Religion, that’s his business?  He’s a good man.

Why will the entertainment industry undoubtedly reward the couple of dozen skanks who have come forward as Tiger Woods’s “girlfriends” with careers in the public eye? Just who is making these decisions and concluding that we, the public want to see more of them?   What fuels this?   Who convinces whom that this is what “we” want? I want some time in a small room with those people, a bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling and a taser.