What Day It Is

Being away on a vacation is an exquisite luxury, I think.  And to lose track of which day it is?  Well, that’s a rare delight, indeed.

But yesterday I knew what day it was for the first time since the holidays began. Yup, it’s the weekend and next week, it’s back to work.  When one experiences this type of realization one can expect to go through four stages:

1.  Denial. 

2.  Bargaining.  Part of which may include buying several lottery tickets.

3.  Deep denial. The fervent hope that a meteor will crash on one’s workplace, sparing all life but rendering the employment situation impossible.

4.  Acceptance.  This phase is made more enjoyable by recalling the things that make one’s job pleasurable and satisfying.  Sometimes you need a mental magnifying glass for this particular phase.  Sometimes you need to hear an echo in your empty bank account to force phase 4!

Yes, things will go back to what passes for normal. We’ll share holiday stories, pinch our sides to demonstrate our overindulgence and get down to business.  It’s the way of the world and there’s eventually some comfort to be found in the routine.  But not yet.  For now I’m still putting my hopes on 6/49.