Corruption Surfaces

It’s difficult to be critical of the behavior of any Haitians during this desperate time in their country. 

Here I sit with all the food Icould ever want within reach, a warm home and no worries about the survival of myself or my loved ones.  I can’t really know what it’s like to experience full out panic over the most fundamental of needs.   But some ugly stuff is emerging in Haiti as we all knew it eventually would.

Some Americans have been nabbed for human trafficking of orphans.  Little kids, alone and left to chance, are being sold as sex slaves or for illegal adoption. The ramifications are too horrifying to even consider.  If some of these heartless adults have been caught, you know others are still out there scooping up the vulnerable.  It’s sickening.

Now “women only” rations are being handed out because young men, in some cases, are literally shoving females out of their way as they line up for  the hand-outs.  Women are recognized as being primarily responsible for feeding their families so the UN devised a separate women-only concept to make sure some food was getting back to Moms and kids.  Rice is being sold on a quickly assembled black market for $40 a bag.  Almost no one has money but if they do, they get to eat first.  What a mess.  There is only so much authorities can do and there are bound to be people who care only about themselves and damn everyone else.  It’s survival of the fittest. 

I have to believe that our donations are going to end up where they are needed.   I have to.  Because any other theoretical circumstance is almost too much to take when it’s coupled with the reality of what’s happening in Haiti right now.