Journey’s End

He made it! My brother is “there”.  He’s in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, in the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego.  He arrived on his road-worn BMW motorcycle during a blizzard and he tells me hundreds of people, locals and fellow tourists,  took his photo as he pulled into the city.

Kevin left around mid-November from St. Catharines Ontario.  He has had delays.  He’s been robbed twice and narrowly missed being robbed at gunpoint.  He was landlocked for a while in Peru by washed out roads.  He’s met and ridden with loads of fascinating characters from the US, Canada, France and elsewhere.  He’s had experiences that I’m sure he will never even tell me about!  And the whole time, this destination has been the point of it all. 

I’m busting with pride and happiness for him.  Once a person has achieved a goal such as this, I imagine that the little stuff in life that might have previously seemed  like a challenge will be roughly nothing by comparison.    He will linger a while in the city and then take a week or so to travel to Buenos Aires to then fly home.  Waiting for him will be beaming friends and family.  And then we’ll have the delayed Christmas celebration we couldn’t bear to have without him.  Way to go, bro!