I don’t want to leave the impression that spending the night in Lucan at the home of Sir William the kitten was a chore.  It was not.  I would do just about anything for my friends, the humans belonging to this feline.  But I think it was a lesson from the Great Gazoo.

I wasn’t yet sure when Willie took a run from across the room and leapt up to clutch my hipbone.  I wasn’t yet sure when he jumped and climbed into the sink while I brushed my teeth, narrowly missing a toothpaste spit on his perfect fur.  But at 1:24 am when I awoke to find him clutching my head with one paw frighteningly (for a split second) wrapped around my nose, I knew: This experience was meant to remind me that my days of playing servant to a critter are over!

I love little Willie.  I have loved all of my pets of the past, too.  But that phase of my life is over.  Maybe I just don’t have the patience anymore or maybe because of the extreme neediness and demands of some previous adoptees, my ability to cope with that particular aspect of pet-life has been depleted.   But I have to thank Willie for the reminder!  He’s really adorable and once he gets older and settles down he’s going to be a great cat.  I’m afraid, for my friends that that’s a long, long time away!