Risk Assessment

The following is a chart created by a risk management professional and it’s awfully sad that it’s so accurate. 

We, as a people, spend so much of our worry and planning time on terrorism when the chance any of us will have to face a terrorist act is very small.  Car accidents and dangerous weather take more lives.  I’m not sure if the chart’s depiction of how small a threat we see in cancer is accurate.  Fighting it gets a lot of our energy.  As far as plane crashes go, I personally know 3 people who say they will never fly because they are so frightened of it.  And yet there are thousands of people who use an airplane for daily commuting and they’re a-ok.  One man told me he was unable to give up the control of the aircraft to someone else and yet there he is, in rush hour traffic every day, counting on hundreds of other motorists to do the right thing.  Control is an illusion in the sky and on the road.  This chart may not be perfect but it certainly offers some food for thought.