A Kanye West Moment

I don’t know what the critics are saying but I enjoyed the Steve Martin-Alec Baldwin pairing at the Academy Awards.  And some of the wins were heart-warming, not the least of which was actual movie-making (The Hurt Locker) over high-tech trickery (Avatar).  As much as we’ve all loved Sandra Bullock over the years, who would have pegged her for an Oscar one day?   It’s a nice change on the side of good!

The fashions are part of the fun.  I didn’t notice anyone with a goose around their neck a la Bjork but Molly Ringwald appeared to have picked up her frock at the mother-of-the-bride store.  It’s just weird to see 17 year old zillionaire Miley Cyrus in a tight gown, presenting an award.  Yes, she’s been in a movie but if that’s all it takes, why wasn’t Jim Varney up there handing out hardware every year?  But I digress.

There was a Kanye West moment last night.  When the short film Music by Prudence won, its director Roger Ross Williams began his speech only to have a sour looking woman clad in purple storm the stage and take up all of his allotted time.  She is Elinor Burkett, a producer on the film and not surprisingly, she and the director didn’t get along during the making of the movie.  Seeing her classless actions last night, it’s no wonder.

Even later at the Thank-you Cam, Burkett is chewing up the scenery behind Williams before she takes the mic again.

Thank You Cam

No class.  Maybe Oprah will have Williams on her show so he can finish the big moment he was robbed of.