Let’s Go Racing Boys and Girls!

The racing season at Delaware Speedway doesn’t start for several weeks but I’ve been working on it for some time now.

As the point person for publicity and media relations for Delaware, and not a lifelong race fan, I have a lot to learn. The racing world is fascinating. Fortunately I’ve been watching the last couple of NASCAR seasons pretty closely so my feet were already a little bit wet.  But for many fans it’s not just a leisure activity, it’s a way of life. If you’re in a race family you’d better be passionate about it because it’s a time consuming and expensive sport. And it’s a constant battle to keep sponsorship, especially considering the recent economic woes. 

Delaware Speedway is on Facebook and Twitter and has a website that’s going through a total overhaul: www.delawarespeedway.com.  I’m contributing articles and content now but once the new site is up in a few weeks, I’ll be all over it.  On weekends, especially Friday nights, you’ll find me at the track taking notes, talking to people in the pits and watching the races. I’ll be the one with her ears open and her mouth shut.  I have a lot to learn!