Bits and Bobs

Are the judges on American Idol tone deaf?

Soibhan Magnus, the latest to be voted off the island, missed a handful of notes in her Shania Twain wreck the other night.  But she hit the big glass-shattering one she insists on tossing into every song, be it a ballad or a dance tune.  America was right to vote her off.   When she can control it, her voice is pretty incredible.  I hope she ends up in musical theatre or something and doesn’t have to return to that ramshackle home she and her 88 siblings live in.

I’m done with Glee.  There is too much else out there to PVR and find time to watch to waste any more time on the over-acting and ridiculous plotlines of Glee.  The first half dozen episodes had charm.  Now they’re just forcing it and it’s charmless.  There’s something about Kristen Chenoweth that bugs the heck out of me and she was back again this week as a warbling guest star.  I didn’t make it through the first song. Enough!  Give me Fringe, The Mentalist and Human Target, instead.

Yay for Sandra Bullock and her divorce filing and how she ever adopted a baby boy without anybody finding out.  People Magazine must be drunk with excitement over having the world exclusive on the story.  But, People, what’s with naming Julia Roberts the most beautiful woman in the world?  Really?  I mean….really?  No, seriously.  I mean, I’m proud of you for not picking someone in their 20’s but I have to wonder if it’s because she’s making movies again and you want to be in her good graces because, come on….in the world?

London Police are having a bad week.  First, they shot a black bear in the city’s west end.  The Ministry of Natural Resources wouldn’t send anyone to pick up the bear, until it was dead, that is.  Smokey was treading rather close to a schoolyard and he apparently charged an officer.  It appears that they didn’t have a lot of choice but it’s still a needless waste of a beautiful creature.  Now they’ve done something else that gets my dander up.  There have been two recent sexual assaults on women by what may be the same man.  And a statement from Police essentially blames the victims.  “London Police are reminding women not to walk alone in the late evening or early morning.”  It’s as if a sprint from a bus stop to one’s home is being identified as the cause of the problem.  What about “London Police remind predatory men that forcing themselves upon women is illegal and will land them in jail”?  They handle it in such a deeply sexist and unbalanced way and I’m willing to bet that they truly think their statement is helpful.  Pity.