Cleavage for Science

And the topic today is, do immodest women cause earthquakes? 

That’s the claim of an Iranian cleric who blames quakes on women whose bare flesh “leads young men astray, corrupts their chastity and leads to adultery.”   I’ve seen how Iranian women dress.  This dude apparently believes that sultry wrist skin and a stolen glimpse of an eyebrow will send a helpless beast of a man into a frenzy of lust and immorality.

A college student in West Lafayette, Indiana, Jen McCreight, has decided to put the cleric’s theory to the test. She started a Facebook group for Boobquake Day, which is today.  Tens of thousands of women have signed up to dress provocatively today by baring upper arms and cleavage to see whether the earth will truly move.  If I had any cleavage I might be tempted to join in.  Jen says that if they don’t cause a quake, she’ll be looking to the cleric to explain why the earth didn’t rumble after their scandalous display. 

You go, Boobquakers!  Fight fire with fire, or in this case, fight sexist, hardline claims that can’t be proven with logic and smarts.  Not to mention a little bit of skin.