Congrats to my Ol’ Peeps at 680

When I was at 680 News I had a reputation for not caring about awards.

It’s just that not all awards are worth caring about.   There are those among us who think getting a thank-you plaque from a community group is an award, when it is not.  There are also some who believe a a college honour is equal to an industry award.  It is not.  So the term “award winning” is essentially meaningless to me until I find out what the award actually represented. 

And that’s where my awards bias has come in.  I want to know who else was eligible, how the judging was performed and other specific details about the award.  I’ve been on various judging committees and I’ve seen how too few entries in a category can end in someone quite mediocre winning the award because they’re the least awful. I’ve also seen some companies come away winners time and time again until they stop supporting the organization that bestows the award. 

However, the ones 680 News has just won are very important. The Edward R. Murrow awards are the pinnacle of broadcast news excellence and 680 continues to collect them.  The whole team at 680 News should be bursting with pride!  680 goes up against literally everybody in the Murrows.  They have just won five regional awards including Overall Excellence.  Way to go guys!  PS. I miss you.