Recycling Bling

You must be familiar with those hawkers who want to buy your unwanted gold?  Well I had some gold jewelry that I didn’t know what to do with. 

So I stopped into one of those gold buyers and had my treasures weighed and measured and they came back with a price that could only, possibly appeal to a crackhead looking for an immediate hit.  It was so low (how low was it?) that I wouldn’t have sold the stuff to them on principle, no matter the situation.  Fortunately I didn’t need the cash. 

Then one day I heard an ad on the radio that really reached me. Yes, me, a person who has written, voiced and listened to thousands and thousands of ads.  You’d think it would be audio wallpaper by now but I really listen because I enjoy and respect the craft.  It was the co-owner of Meloche Jewellers in Byron explaining how your old gold could become a new piece you’d really love.

I was hesitant.  I wondered if maybe there would be a zillion hidden charges or if I really had enough gold to work with but the Meloches are such nice, warm people, they put me at ease.  Together we designed a modern looking ring, saving the best stones from previous pieces and using the gold I already had.   I needed more gold so I found some packed away.  I still needed a little more and my Mom generously offered some of her old gold earrings to add to the mix.  Custom jewelry isn’t cheap but Derek insisted on paying for half.  That made it a “go”.

So now I have this beautiful ring and no one else in the world has the same one. I wanted it to be random, with the stones set into the gold.  It honours the past and represents the present.  And Meloche?  They were true to their word and their estimate.  You can tell by its weight and feel that it’s a quality piece.  I’m not a big jewellery hog but I do love this ring. I’m so glad I didn’t waste its ingredients or let them lie forgotten in a drawer. 

In addition to their higher-end lines of jewelry Meloche now also carries the worldwide off-the-charts popular Pandora line of chains and charms.  They’re really wonderful people in a charming shop right in our little village.  I feel like I’ve made a find and a friend and it came through the power of radio.  Who would have thought, eh?