Idol? Meh!

America has done it again.

Last night when all of the past American Idols were trotted out during this season’s closing ceremony, one of my friends turned to their significant other and said, Who’s THAT guy?

That’s last year’s American Idol, Kris Allen.  And he has been eclipsed by last year’s runner-up, Adam Lambert, the flamboyant, openly gay, wildly creative and talented artist who has had sales, chart and concert success while Allen walks into his local Walmart at peak times and shops undisturbed.

They’ve done it again with this year with Lee DeWyze.  Crystal Bowersox will blow the Bowersox off of him.  He hasn’t got an ounce of charisma while she lights up the room like a neon sign.  It makes me wonder why I watch at all especially when Canadians are prevented from affecting the outcome!  But that’s a question best left not probed too deeply.  It’s entertainment, pure and simple and this year and last, also predictable.