The Day-wear Solution

No one seems to know what to wear at this time of year.

It’s spring but it’s just as likely to be five degrees as fifteen so  how is a person supposed to dress? Yesterday on my way into the radio station two women walked together – one in knee-high leather boots, opaque tights and a black skirt, the other in a sundress, bare legs and sandals.  What’s a gal to do?

Wear pyjamas! (Also spelled pajamas – but I prefer the UK spelling!) Pyjamas are the most comfortable clothing known to man or woman and you’ve probably seen people here and there wearing PJ pants in public anyway.  I know I have.  Mostly teens wearing them to the  mall and Moms dropping off kids at school. Now some manufacturers have taken a can’t-beat’-’em-join-’em approach to sleepwear by creating a daytime pyjama.

The trend of wearing one’s pyjamas all day, and not just inside one’s house, apparently originated in England and Ireland.  It has gotten so popular that at least one major UK supermarket chain, Tesco, has actually instituted a ban on shopping while wearing pyjamas.  Those frustrated shoppers can now invest in the “pajama jean”.  They are PJ pants made to look like blue jeans but they’re apparently comfortable enough to sleep in.  Check it out for yourself via the link below and say goodbye to that sticky question of, what should I wear today?

Pajama jean