Schlemeel, schlemozzel…

The country’s largest outdoor car show happens right in our back yard.

We live about 2 minutes away from zillionaire Steve Plunkett.  I like to say that we’re neighbours! haha.  On Saturday he hosted his annual charity classic car show, the Fleetwood Country Cruize-In, and this year’s theme was an American Grafitti reunion.  Many of the stars of the movie attended including Cindy Williams.   What a treat!  I watched Laverne and Shirley faithfully. Cindy was as delightful as Shirley Feeney.

Leigh Robert and I cohosted a segment of 1039fm’s live broadcast from the show and Cindy was terrific. 

The forecast was iffy but it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, warm day. Next year’s Cruize-In will have a Happy Days theme.  That would bring Cindy Williams back again.  Apparently Steve almost had Ron Howard confirmed this year.  Next year, maybe Ron, the cornerstone of the Happy Days cast, will make it.  If Henry “The Fonz” Winkler shows up, I will be first in line to say, Ayyyyyy!