A Deep Mental Filing Cabinet

I’ve noticed a trend developing in my little life.

Back when the gossip rags were aimed at me and my young friends just the mention of a surname was enough to tip me off to who it was.  But now, sometimes, because my mental filing system of names is so full, I’m temporarily thrown off.  Here’s an example from a recent headline:  Reynolds Hurt on Film Set.  Well, in the 70’s that would have meant Burt Reynolds.  My brain first goes to crazy ol’ Burt before it jumps to the front of the catalogue and lands on RYAN Reynolds. 

I suppose that because I know who Ryan Reynolds is shows that I’m still pretty up to date on the mindless happenings of the wealthy and famous.  After all, when my step-daughter recently visited I was bang on at guessing which shows she would enjoy even though I had never watched them myself.  (The Bachelorette was #1!)

This phenomenon really doesn’t mean anything except that my brain is chock full of useless info and getting fuller every day!!  But that’s okay.  I’d rather fill it with trivia than with worry.