Dumb News Item of the Week

They say crime doesn’t pay.  When you’re a total idiot and your scheme is just plain evil, sometimes it can truly backfire.   Check out this story about a young Dad who tried to use crime to get back at his ex.

Dwayne Lamont Moten, 20, was estranged from his wife and came up with a way to prove his wife was a bad mother so he could gain custody of their 3-year-old son.   Police in Dallas, Texas say Moten hired a friend to shoot him so he could testify that his wife’s boyfriend did it . “Two individuals trying to frame a third individual,” a  police spokesman said. Investigators said the friend, Jacob Wheeler, also 20, fired the shots, but Moten “realized he was shot a little worse  than he had planned” and began screaming for help. Too late: he died,  and Wheeler has been charged with murder. “There’s legal ways to get  custody of a child,” the police investigator offered.  “Taking a  bullet, and ultimately dying, is definitely not one of those ways.” 

(From the newsletter, This Is True)