Festival Season

We’re into it now. Sunfest was on in London on the weekend.  I chose to join some friends at the Festival of Arts & Crafts in Goderich on Saturday.  I do love a good festival.

I’m always enthralled by what people make and sell or attempt to sell.  I know there’s a market for folk art but I’m not in it.  There are always a half dozen vendors showing chair cushions with busy country-themed fabrics and almost every wooden item has a heart on it or cut out of it.  It’s not my thing but those booths are always swarming with 60 year old women in cat-appliqued sweatshirts.

Metal art is hugely popular right now and one couple from Elora was doing a brisk business because their wares were beautiful and their prices were comparitively low.  A huge – and I mean huge – colourful, metal butterfly was $60.  It would cost three times as much in a city store.  The items were selling as quickly as they could take them out of the bubble wrap.

Then there are the idea stealers. One woman had racks of little baby bibs on which she had stitched trade-marked sayings about Tim Hortons and Ipods. They weren’t even well done.  If you’re going to steal an idea at least improve upon it.  No one wants to buy something if it appears they can do it themselves.  Browsers were walking by, mildly amused, but not taking out their wallets.  It takes all kinds, I suppose.  The highlight of the day, for me, was the number of compliments I received on my sundress which I had purchased at Sunfest a couple of years ago!  I have never found an appropriate place to wear it except, of course, to other festivals.