Riding for a Good Cause

Motorcyclists love to ride and they’ll use virtually any excuse to do so.  “I feel like ice cream” is a good one.  There’s also, “Who knows when it will be this nice out again!”  But aside from Friday the 13th, if you see bunches and bunches of bikes riding en masse, there’s a good chance it’s a fundraiser. 

Derek and I are on a little committee that has put together a ride for September 12th in support of the London Chapter of Autism Ontario.  Derek used to be an organizer for a charity ride around that time of year but the recipient had a change of Executive Director and the new poobah just didn’t get the whole motorcycle thing so the very successful event was scrapped.  It was a shame but it opened up our calendar a bit and we decided to look for another worthy cause.  Autism came to us quite organically and once we found out about the work that the Centre in London does on a shoestring budget for hundreds of families who would otherwise have nowhere to go for help, we were in.  Their boss, Marti, is a tiny powerhouse of energy and the Mom of a son with autism.  She welcomed our idea.

The ride is a “go”.  Sunday September 12th we will assemble at Rocky’s Harley Davidson on Wilton Grove Road and leave for the countryside at 11 am.  We’ll weave our way toward Tillsonburg and stop at Coyle’s Country Store – a fantastic and fascinating shop full of treats and curiosities.  They’ll serve us free coffee and let us shake off the road before we trek back to Rocky’s for a BBQ put on by the Hyde Park Lions.  We brought the Lions on board just as they were looking for a charity to support in 2010.  Not only will proceeds from the BBQ go to the Autism Centre, they are also donating all of the money they raise  from this season’s popular classic car Cruize Nights at the Plunkett Estate to the Autism Centre, too. 

It’s $20 per biker to ride, $5 per passenger and lunch will be a nominal fee.  Door prizes include gift certificates for Rocky’s, racks of ribs and sauce, cleaning supplies for bikes, assorted other goodies and the grand prize of $500 cash!  We’re hoping for a really good turnout and a great day.  This is something we’ve been looking forward to seeing come to light all year.  Ride on!