Wah wah wah

I am really feeling the result of not taking any vacation time this summer.

Oh I took Mondays here and there after big race weekends at Delaware and I did take a week off surrounding the big Kyle Busch race there but taking time off one’s full time job to work at one’s part time job isn’t really a vacation.  Now that punting me across the schedule appears to be over for the summer….I’m feeling it.  I have this urge to hop on a plane and disappear into the French countryside!

So today, how have we chosen to combat this need to flee?  We’re going to get a big Timmies and drive around looking at other peoples’ crap! haha.  It’s garage sale time!  You just never know when you’ll find a gem.  Last time I got a beautiful big hardcover guide to antiques for a buck.  We have a lot of social time planned for this weekend with friends, too.  After all, laughter is the best vacation.