Back to the Blackberry

There’s a perception out there in technology land that once you go to an iPhone, you never go back.

The iPhone is a pretty impressive little gizmo, for sure.  But I am in the process of going back to a Blackberry in an attempt to go against the techno tide in what amounts to paddling upstream with a teaspoon.

The iPhone can stream video and open photos with the sweep of a fingertip and do all sorts of other things but as a phone, it’s just okay.  I get more dropped calls than I would expect.  And I believe I’ve whined about the keyboard before.  It’s awful.  It’s an on-screen keyboard that I haven’t gotten used to in the six months I’ve been using it.  I miss the actual little press-able keys on the Blackberry.   And it turns out that I don’t want to watch video on my handheld and I’m perfectly okay with going to my desktop to open photos and attachments.

I also hope to reduce my monthly costs.  I’m not using a fraction of the data transfer I pay for, so why pay for it?  One small hitch is that after a 45 minute, ear-heating phone call with a very nice Rogers call centre dude the other night, some of my monthly savings actually evaporated and that pretty much put my bill back to square one.  Why does it have to be so difficult?  Just give me a phone that I can also email and text with.  Is that so difficult???? I’ve also see the iPad in action and sure it’s fun but…so what?  This attidude doesn’t mean I’m a Luddite.  It means I’ve had enough and know what I am and am not willing to put up with.  Iphone, you are soon going to be in the “not” category.