Bits and Bobs

At last night’s spectator’s race at Delaware Speedway, The King of the Hill, the driver of a Viper who had won earlier this season crashed the car and wrecked it. 

That’s about $80,000. worth of twisted metal that insurance will not cover if the owner actually tells his insurance company that he was racing when he crashed it. 

The guy driving it seems so young that earlier this season we were joking that it must be his Dad’s car and he was sneaking it to the racetrack on Friday nights.  It’s not quite as funny now!

We are still waiting for engineered drawings of the fourth wall of the garage.  The engineer is a wee bit tardy and not very engineery!  His first attempt had to be rejected as not detailed enough.  Having been through the time-consuming and arduous process with the city before, Derek now knows which details they are looking for.  Once a proper drawing comes back, the city will have to stamp it.  Again, experience has taught us how to get that done more quickly this time.  But for now, we wait.

Longtime morning host Rich Greven has been let go from EZ Rock in London.  I worked with Rich at CKSL back in the 80’s.  He’s a bit of a broadcasting icon here.  Privately, he’s probably happy enough to be “packaged out” this close to retirement.  Now Astral, the station’s owner, says it’s going in a new direction.  The savvy radio person knows that likely means one thing: BOOM.  BOOM is Astral’s version of the Greatest Hits format that’s been doing great in Toronto.  They’re likely going to replicate it here in London and take direct aim at our station, 1039FM THe Greatest Hits of All Time.  It’s going to be an interesting autumn!