Media-minded Man

I’m not sure how he discovered it but Derek turned me on to Jerry Del Calliano and his newsletter and I’m finding his opinions fascinating, timely and thought-provoking.  They’re for anyone in broadcasting or related media businesses.

Jerry is the founder of Inside Radio, he’s a longtime broadcaster, manager, advisor, etc etc.  He writes a daily blog about things such as the ways traditional radio should be viewing future content for the iPad, how to really become a part of social media; things that any savvy radio executive has at top-of-mind right now.  But his take is unpredictable.  While radio companies are labouring to make sure their signals are available to be found on an iPhone, for example, the people using the iPhone aren’t looking for traditional radio. They’re downloading podcasts and other tailored-to-them programming. Jerry says we shouldn’t be putting our service out there in an expectation of consumers coming to us – we should be going to them.

Jerry also touts what those of us in the industry know to be true. If we have any hope of competing in the ever-expanding universe of available media we have to super-serve on a local level.  Local content is all we’ve got as an edge! 

I get Jerry’s blog delivered to my inbox every morning and it always offers food for thought.  My one quibble is that he could use some editing!  For a guy who knows we have the attention spans of gnats he tends to go on…. but it’s usually worth it in the end.

Jerry’s blogs can be found here:   He clearly knows his stuff and his is the kind of experience we can all draw from and at least consider, if not adopt outright.