Random Thoughts and News Items

The Western Fair in London starts today.  I remember my stints on location at the Western Fair when I worked here in London back in the 80’s.  Every radio station had someone live on location at the Fair.  It’s not like that anymore. 

New this year they’ve got deep-fried butter and tic-tac-toe against a chicken!  It’s a very big event encompassing several acres of games and rides and many buildings full of exhibits.  Last year we rode the new skyline ride over the grounds and I’m hoping we’ll go on it again.  It offers a beautiful view. We’ve got tickets for the Charlie Daniels Band on Sunday night because, well, the devil went down to Georgia, don’t you know.

A white supremacist who denies everything from slavery to, you know, the usual, is running for Mayor of London.  He is 35, lives with his parents and calls himself “London’s biggest hater”.   And he thinks he’s supreme and above everybody because he’s white and Christian?   And he can just simply say documented history is a fraud because it doesn’t serve his purpose?  It dilutes the municipal political process to have to even acknowledge losers like him.

I occasionally toy with the idea of letting my hair’s natural colour grow in.  If I stopped dying it, I would definitely have salt and pepper hair and it would surely make me look older.  Ben Affleck, who’s 38 and debuting his second film as a director, has decided to leave the Grecian formula behind, for now at least.  He has some grey in his thick locks now and damn it if it doesn’t make him even more attractive.

Matt LeBlanc recently confessed that he died his hair the whole time he played Joey on Friends because he’s mostly grey.  A woman could only hope to look like silver fox Helen Mirren.

I’m not brave enough to stop colouring cold turkey.  I’d like to do it for a day and see how it looks before I committ!