Scenes from the Great White Northeast

Derek and Thane (aka Adventurous Media) are continuing their trip along the new trans-Labrador Highway to make a film of the trek.  Derek is the engaging host and Thane, the well-planned filmmaker.

The terrain is rough and the conditions, cold.  But it was either cold or blackflies so they chose cold.  The view is often barren and people-less which is what attracts riders to it, actually.

You don’t ride your shiny, expensive Harley on this route.  They are both on special bikes with special tires for gravel and potholes.  You also never know what quaint little local bit of humour you might happen upon.

They’ve stayed in tiny towns where the only restaurant is closed but the owner has taken pity on them and opened to make them something to eat.  East coast hospitality is alive and well in Labrador. 

However, it is remote so some prices are adjusted accordingly.

It truly is an experience of a lifetime.  Riders are starting to come from all over to travel this new route.  We’re betting they’ll want to buy a documentary about it first so they know what to expect and how to prepare for it.