Sex as a Weapon

It happens every year.  Someone takes umbrage over the Everything To Do With Sex Show, speaks out about it and brings the show more free publicity than organizers could ever hope for.

The Women Abuse Centre Director is upset that the show will include pornography distributors.  She cites several sex assaults where porn was described by the perp as a factor.    That’s true, I’m sure, but it’s also describing a tiny fraction of the population. 

Man, I’m weary of people trying to tell me what and what isn’t acceptable for me.  I’ve never been to the show but to think that an adult would dare to tell me, another adult, that I ought not attend a show about a healthy, normal part of life totally galls me.  When will some people learn that grown-ups have earned the right to choose for themselves?  I’m fed up with society’s nannies.  I want to prevent sexual assaults too – of course – but pretending that sex (and fantasies and everything else related) doesn’t exist isn’t going to do it. 

The Sex Assault Centre will have a booth at the show and the head of the Women Abuse Centre is dismayed saying it “legitimizes” the event.  Its attendees in years past may surprise some nay-sayers.  In 2006 86 percent were between the ages of 19-45.  More than half were women.  Last year the show gave promotional gifts to women in London radio; a huge, Pyrex, um, boudoir enhancer.  It’s multi-coloured, dishwasher safe and was packed in a lovely velvet-lined box!  I discovered mine the other day, forgotten in a dresser drawer.  I can’t bear to throw it away because it’s just so…unusual.  And I suspect that’s it’s the prospect of seeing things one wouldn’t normally see that draws most patrons to the show.