Tennis Anyone?

While we watched the action on the court of the US Open there was some drama unfolding in the stands. 

An elderly man and his adult daughter became fed up with the shouting and beer-inspired antics of a young guy who turned out to be a hard-core gambler in the seat next to them.  If you’ve been to a concert or any other event where it’s not appropriate to scream and swear at the top of your lungs (when IS it appropriate?) you can empathize with the pair, as I did.  The daughter got so frustrated while trying to reason with the guy that she slapped him across the face.  Fortunately he just laughed and said he could take “twenty more of those”.  She’s lucky he didn’t smack her back.  The Dad, who we later learned is a stroke victim, appeared to calm his daughter down and get her to sit and you think it’s over when he lunges at the much younger man and they both launch over the seats below.  They’ve all been banned for 2 years.  The video is captivating, at the link below.  Human interaction at its worst.

Brawl at the Open