The Last Word on the Entryway Project That Never Ends

Home Hardware’s website does not allow a person to leave a comment about a product.  So yesterday I went to the exact store where I bought the original product and spoke to the Manager/Owner who was very nice and informative.  

However, I left feeling a bit confused until I did a bit of digging on the internet.

The owner said it was unfortunate that I had gone right ahead and covered the Beautitone Hardrock that chipped within days with floor and porch paint because “they might have offered you some compensation if they could have seen the problem.”  Well the can said outright that there was no guarantee and we really need to use those steps for entry so, that’s easy for him to say.  He guesses that some “play” in the step is what caused the chipping.  “It’s really made to go over concrete but lots of people have had good results over wood, too.”  I told him I had primed and painted the steps and landing already and he said, “Whoa, you PRIMED?”  Yes, the guy at Canadian Tire had reminded me to use primer because I had used a sealer on top of the stone layer. 

“Oh no, you don’t want to use primer under floor and porch paint!  That’s not gonna last the winter!”  Great.  So I left with the impression that a second attempt at improving the area could fail at any moment and I set out to contact the manufacturer of the Beautitone Hardrock.

Have you ever seen a dog chase its tail?  It goes around and around and until it gets distracted by something a little easier to figure out.  Well I didn’t have to chase my tail for very long before I realized that Home Hardware didn’t just sell Beautitone, it IS Beautitone! It’s their own line.  They are the home of Beautitone.  So in order to tell Beautitone that its product failed I would have to contact Home Hardware which insists that you go in person to your local store and….

So there it stands.  I’m out $150. for product that didn’t do what it promised and my floor and porch paint which looks amazing might not make it through two seasons.  My response?  It’s only paint.  It can be repainted!  It could be worse.  If the whole darn thing chips up and gets all gross, worst case scenario, I know a guy who can build me a whole new set of steps.