Fierce Competition

When the best in the game go toe to toe, or in this case pedal-to-pedal, you have to respect them for attaining that level of expertise.  The hours of training, the sacrifices, the … ability of their parents to get them to the big match on time! 

The tractor pull at the Rockton World Fair wasn’t exactly what we expected.  It’s a kids’ competition featuring little pedal-tractors that go to a maximum potential distance of twenty feet!  As the first round was about to begin, I couldn’t help but think of some announcements the ringmaster could have made.  “The competitors are powering up on juice boxes”.   “We’ll get started as soon as the drivers wake up from their naps.”  And so on….

The two little girls looked bewildered when the weights reached the ground, they could no longer pedal and the race was over!  In the second round, the loser burst into tears.  It was adorable but not really the kind of “tractor pull” we have witnessed at other fairs.  Still, the fair itself was terrific and had a true agricultural flavour with sheep, rabbits, chickens and all sorts of other animals to get up and close to. We loved it.  I only hope those wee tractor pullers felt the same way and I suspect a few minutes on the midway brought back their brilliant little smiles.