Gay = OK

I’m really disturbed by the slew of stories about gay men being horribly mistreated.  I don’t understand anyone who believes that someone else’s sexuality has anything to do with them or their “way of life”.  Gay people have always been around, folks, just like having babies out of wedlock and dating outside of one’s culture of origin. 

I could almost – almost – shrug my shoulders when someone in an older generation presented a harmless rant about being anti-gay. Frankly, my opposition was never going to change it.  You have to pick your battles. Their gaydar didn’t work anyway. Gays were “out there” but not around here.

But kids?  Kids who have grown up in a society where same-sex marriages make the mainstream news and a celebrity is as likely to say “my partner” as my wife or husband?  To develop an anti-gay perspective in this kind of environment is beyond ignorant, it’s evil, in my opinion.

The two students accused in a hate crime for filming and then broadcasting a fellow student’s gay sex encounter, after which the student killed himself, say they were not anti-gay.  Then what, exactly, were they?  If they were budding anthropologists deeply interested in same-sex sex, that can be found in a google search.  If they were trying to demoralize and humiliate their target, there were a million other ways to do it and still fulfill their quest to be bullies.  No, I agree with authorities that this was a hate crime based on the dead man’s sexual preference and I do hope they follow through with charging them as such. 

A few days ago in New York City, members of a street gang went ballistic after hearing a rumour that one of their new recruits was gay. Police say they kidnapped, beat and sodomized him with a plunger handle until he gave up the name of his lover.  It’s then alleged that they lured the man to their clubhouse and did the same to him.   The attack went on through the night.  Nine men are accused of being involved. 

The stories about young men – and it’s mostly young men – being targeted for torture and even murder because of their sexuality seem to be increasing in number lately.  This should disturb anyone who believes in a peaceful society.  It is no different than someone being picked on because of the colour of their skin or their religious beliefs.  We wouldn’t tolerate that and we shouldn’t tolerate this.