Pricey Pie-Guy (or Gal)

It’s not easy for a business to grab attention in the crowded consumer landscape these days.  Dominos Pizza  in Tokyo Japan is taking an unusual approach for its 25th anniversary there. 

Its franchisee is running ads to recruit one pizza delivery person who will make about $31,000. for an hour’s work next month. 

There’s no catch.  It’s all being done to attract attention to the anniversary.  They’re being flooded with applications and promise they won’t even ask questions about education.  Most part-time workers there make about $12 an hour.  So basically this kid – and it will likely be a kid – can work for one hour and take a few months off to relax.  It’s a little ridiculous but it’s also getting inches (as they say in the newspaper biz) way over here.  Heck, I didn’t even know you could get Dominos in Tokyo.  Mission accomplished, I suppose!