The Reality of Voice Work

I hear it often.  Lots of people want to get into voice-over work.  Sure, it seems like a sweet and easy gig!  And sometimes it is.  Other times you’re stared down by a producer as he insists that you spit out 45 seconds worth of copy in 30, or pronounce several nearly impossible brand names in a row, fast!  Even worse, you’re made to do the spot or the line dozens of times and then they go with the first take after all.  It can make you feel like a puppet whose master thinks you’re an idiot even though they can’t seem to get across what it is that they want. 

This production company in the US knows about all of the cliches producers heap on voice talent and they “punk” talent on a regular basis by pretending to be complete jerks.  In this installment, Santa Claus gets their treatment so it’s educational AND festive!  It’s definitely based in reality; I have heard every single one of their complaints and suggestions and been humiliated and insulted in other ways you can’t even imagine!  Check it out.