Better Late…

I LOVED Ricky Gervais as host of the Golden Globes, for a second time in a row.

The stars squirmed and rustled their borrowed diamonds and forced smiles with plumped up lips.  Yeah!  He called it as he saw it.  I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when he introduced Bruce Willis as Ashton Kutcher’s Dad!  Bruce was clearly unimpressed, which made it even funnier.  Almost two-thirds of voters in a People online poll felt Ricky was bang-on.  The head of the Foreign Press Association said Ricky went too far which was an even better compliment. 

The stars who clearly couldn’t laugh at themselves should really lighten up!  They get their buffed butts kissed on the red carpet all night while blithering idiots with microphones drool over “who” they’re wearing .  That’s not the real world.  We groan when we read about their ridiculously high paycheques, roll our eyes over their relationship-hopping exploits and, frankly, think a lot of their movies suck! It’s time they saw a bit of the other side.

Robert Downey Junior did not like having his rehab days brought up again.  Robert you are a very fine actor but you’ve spent more of your life waking up in neighbours’ beds smashed out of your gourd than you have being a fine, upstanding gentleman worthy of insuring.  Accept it.  Tom Hanks felt the need to stick up for Tim Allen, whose lack of recent film prowess was duly noted by our host  – but it’s the truth!  Who in their right  mind would want to have their career compared to that of Tom Hanks?  Apparently, Tim Allen thinks he stacks up.

One thing I would absolutely change is to take Alexa Chung off the red carpet during the pre-show.  The British model/TV host was sullen, distracted, rushed and surly.  She was truly awful and wore a frumpy dress that Betty White turned down because it made her look old.  It was definitely the worst performance on a red carpet since Ben Mulroney last embarrassed our country while in Hollywood.

Who won? Who cares!  It’s all about the show.  And what would the show be without kooky Helena Bonham Carter wrapping herself up in something ridiculously mismatched and hideous.  I don’t think the different coloured shoe thing is going to catch on. Exhibit A: