John, Where Are You?

In broadcasting, like in other businesses I’m sure, you tend to keep track, even loosely, of former colleagues. The trade magazines certainly help to keep things current.  Some ex-coworkers go on to other industries.  Some move far away.  And some just seem to disappear.  A few of us who worked together and shared far too many beers long ago and far away in Red Deer, Alberta and later in Prince George, BC, have wondered about the whereabouts of one of our colleagues: John Brocke.  That was his on air name.  His real surname is Lindbergh.  Our last known sighting was in Prince George around 1984.  No one knows what became of him and Google, Facebook and the other go-to places to search online are coming up empty.  It’s curiousity more than anything, really.  We were all on a baseball team together and a few photos of that time remain including this team shot of the CKGY team – although the year is under dispute.  I’m sure it’s 1982 but others claim it’s ’80.  John is in the back row, third from the right in the light coloured shirt and dark hat. (That’s me sitting in front of him!)

If anyone knows, I wish they’d say!  There are some ol’ former radio colleagues (and ex-roommates!) who would love to know where he’s been and what he’s up to.