You don’t know sick

I will never again say, I feel like crap.
It turns out that I was lying every time. That wasn’t crap.
This is crap!

I would get and break a fever overnight several times a month.
This means waking up in drenched bedclothes. My doctor
suggested doing a hormone test to determine whether I was
peri or pre- menopausal. The test came back negative but
she still said that was the cause.

On the weekend I got so cold I couldn’t warm up followed
by becoming a human fountain. Once someone was monitoring
these ups and downs we discovered each time I was up to
more than 104 f followed by the crash down to normal. This
cycle is lessening and the spikes aren’t as high but trying
to get comfy in a wet gown on clammy sheets has lost all
of it’s charm.

First order of business was to hydrate me. Once I had fluids
I felt mildly human again. And that first real pee? Glorious!
This kind of illness takes you down to a whole new level of

I had a pain in my upper belly and saw a gastro doc about
it. He palpated and said it was related to my ibs.

Both were indicators that something was amiss with my liver.
I didn’t even know where my liver was and now it’s the centre of my universe.

On the upside, a crackled old guy with who I share a bathroom just gave me an up and down that said “I’d hit that”, so I’ve got that going for me!