Oh The People You’ll Meet

I was moved up to a real semi -private patient room on the 8th floor. My roommate whose name I never did get was being let out. She was doing well post op. Keep in mind that we have a situation where people wait 30 hours in the ER for a bed as you read this little exchange.

Him: okay hon we’re free to go. I’ll get your stuff together.

Her: I don’t want to.

Him: you feel alright don’t you?

Her: (whiny) yeah.

Him: well then let’s go pick up something to eat and get you home!

Her: but it’s almost suppertime. We paid for it.

Him: you want to stay for supper? What will I eat?

Her: we can share it.

They sat in silence until dinner arrived and I heard him say, these carrots taste a little off.