Darn You, Ivy

Ivy decided to screech her alarm at 2:30 am today.

We were fast asleep.  I was in a deep, dreamless slumber when the alarm pierced the silence.  I jumped up faster than a Cirque performer to release Ivy from her charger and get her to a light to see what was wrong.  Air bubbles in the line.   The occasional teeny air bubble gets passed to me but there was a cluster of them and Ivy prevents them from going up the line and into my heart.

Do you know how you get air bubbles out of Ivy’s line?  You flick them!  Yup, you hold the IV bag higher than Ivy herself and you flick the line until the bubbles go back up into the bag, where they rise to the top and out of harm’s way.  

Most people lost an hour of sleep last night.  I lost a few, thanks to Ivy.  However, for me these days, catching up is pretty easy.  And I suppose I should thank Ivy for watching out for me.  Maybe after I get some more sleep.