Dumbest News Story of the Week

The headline reads, “Crash Blamed on Do-Gooder”.

A woman escaped serious injury when she pulled into a parking lot and was struck by an oncoming car. Here’s how it went down: She was signalling to turn left across two lanes of oncoming traffic during rush hour. Someone in an oncoming passing lane stopped to let her go but a car in the curb lane struck her.

The blame doesn’t belong on the person who let the woman in. It belongs squarely on the driver who was struck. It’s not up to the so-called do-gooder to make sure it’s safe for the woman to cross the lanes. Responsibility doesn’t suddenly transfer to the person who stops to let her in. It’s crazy to assume so! And to make it the headline? Nuts.

The driver is shook up but otherwise okay, except for the ridiculous notion that darting out in fromt of a car exercising its right to proceed was somehow not her fault. And for a journalist to latch onto that notion and make it the crux of their article, is baffling to me. If I stop to let you cross my lane, it is still up to you to make sure it is safe. I’m not your Mommy or your Nanny, no matter what it says in the paper.