Just a Dab

Canadian designer Kimberly Seldon has a new magazine but you won’t find it on the racks.

Dabble is a monthly web-based mag and it is gorgeous. Kimberly Seldon is the design expert from Style At Home magazine. She hosts shopping trips to Italy and France and is the force behind an annual designer’s market in Toronto’s Distillery District. I have attended the market and it was a visual and visceral feast for anyone who loves home decor and bargains. Kimberly came out and posed for photos and chatted up those of us lined up before it opened. (All of the best stuff goes within the first couple of hours!) I picked up wall art and other do-dads and what-nots at ridiculously low prices. So I’m already her fan and along comes this magazine. Dabble’s best feature is its price: free!

Here’s their mission statement: Dabble brings you inspiring designs from around the world, immerses you in cities ripe for discovery, gives you a taste for far-flung cultures and brings all of this together in an interactive magazine so you can discover your own passion for travel, design and food.

And it does. I expected a skinny little time-waster but Dabble is packed with loads of interesting editorial and gorgeous photos of home fashions, food and fascinating cities. And did I mention that it’s free? As a subscriber, it comes to my in-box once a month and I don’t have to do a thing. If you’re interested in viewing the latest issue online: www.dabblemag.com