The Verdicts

Mostly not guilty. The two Manhattan cops who were charged with raping a drunken woman they helped to her apartment were cleared of the sexual assault charges but they’re still going to lose their jobs.

I first wrote about what prompted the case on May 11th: In a nutshell, the officers escorted a very drunk 29 year old woman to her apartment, lifted a key and created fictitious reasons to stay in her building and return to the apartment three times. She says one cop raped her while the other covered for him. He is on tape saying he did it and wore a condom. Still, he was cleared of that charge.

The rape charge was the most difficult one to prove. It stands to reason that by creating bogus cover stories and returning to the woman’s apartment a few times they were likely up to no good but actual rape could not be proven. The city of New York thinks he did it. The media think he did it. There’s no physical evidence to prove he did it beyond his confession and her say-so. Still, the jury said no.

Both cops have been convicted of the misdemeanour of misconduct and that’s enough to get them kicked off the police force. No fat pension, no free donuts, no more blue uniforms. They will be sentenced at the end of June and could each get up to a year in prison, but they probably won’t. Just get them out of a position of authority. They abused it and they don’t deserve it and it’s truly the least the justice system could do.