No Dilemma Here

The Dilemma is packed with star-power: Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Oscar-winner Jennifer Connolly, Winona Ryder.  It was directed by Ron Howard, so one’s expectations kind of rise, even though it didn’t make much of a box office buzz.    

actor Vince Vaughn
photo by David Shankbone

It sucks. It’s a comedy that has one awkward moment that makes you think, “this must be what qualifies it as funny.”  At one point Derek said, “Here we go, there’s music with harmonica in it – that’s a sure sign something funny is coming up!”  It never happened.  But that’s not the worst of it.  The editing is horrible.  An entire plot development is on the cutting room floor so all we get to see is how it started (a telephone hang-up) and how it ends (a job offer given to but turned down by one character).   How it is found out is never explained.

But the movie isn’t the worst part about this DVD.  As you’re watching you’re thinking, well, since it stars a couple of comic actors there will have to at least be a gag reel in the special features.  I love gag reels.  I love to watch actors blow their lines and react, take after take after take.  It’s a little glimpse into the process. 

The dreck of a movie finally ends and we click over to the special features.  There it is!  A gag reel!  Click.  Up comes a screen that tells us that this feature has been disabled and is available only on a purchased DVD or Blu-Ray.  Deleted scenes, alternate ending – it’s all the same.  Only watchable if you buy the film.

What kind of fresh hell is this? 

We’ve never seen this overt money-grab before and we are regular movie renters.  It’s disgusting.  And because of it I can honestly say that The Dilemma had no redeeming qualities at all.  I had hoped to have been able to at least praise its gag reel.