It’s Happening Again

The back-to-school flyers are arriving in the mail.  The dollar stores have several aisles filled with Halloween merchandise.  Someone put their big, fat finger on the fast-forward button of life again and I want to have a serious word with them. 

It’s very difficult to live in the moment when everything around you conspires to force you to constantly think about the future.

Teacher talking to students: I expect you all to be independent, innovative and critical thinkers and you will do exactly as I say!"

(cartoon by David BC Tan)

I’ll be happy to get the malls, beaches and streets back from the kids, but their back-to-school depression means my end-of-summer dread is about to begin.  I love the fall but I truly loathe winter.  So why do I live in a climate that includes a wicked winter?  Because I’m Canadian, eh?