The Ballad of Herb Welsh

We watched a rerun of last season’s Saturday Night Live which included a parody of an old, out-of-touch newsman, Herb Welsh, who misses the point of stories and rants at the news anchor for being “a can of hairspray”.

Bill Hader as Herb Welsh and actor Jesse Eisenberg

Herb is senile and self-righteous. Broadcasting has its share of crusty newspeople who think they know it all but they don’t get to stay on the job until they’re senile anymore!

It’s just a silly recurring skit that makes me laugh and recognize the aspects of the personalities of some people I’ve worked with over the years who think they know it all and that no one with less experience could possibly have anything valuable to contribute. I never want to become one of those people and if you feel I’m even getting close, give me one warning and if I don’t shape up, you have my permission to shoot me.

Yes, vacation is over and I’m back to work today!