This Year’s Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Every year the major fairs bring in a ridiculous food item that’s so crazy, you just have to try it.

I made chocolate bacon at home the year it was the new thing at the CNE and the Western Fair and it left my kitchen looking like a room full of monkeys flung their feces on every surface! But it tasted pretty darn good. Last year we tried a bite of a deep fried Mars bar at the Western Fair. I’ve never tasted anything as sweet, and not in a good way.

This year, it’s the Krispy Kreme burger. It’s been at state fairs in the US for 4 years and debuted at this year’s Calgary Stampede. It’s a beef patty with cheddar, tomato and lettuce and instead of a bun, it’s all held together by two glazed donuts. It goes for 8 bucks and for a toonie extra, you can get fried egg and bacon, too. Those who have tried it say the contrast between the sharpness and saltiness of the cheddar and bacon and the sweetness of the donuts is quite delicious.

The Krispy Kreme burger with bacon and fried egg visible under the donut bun!

I’ll take their word for it.

This mother of all indulgences packs 1550 calories. That’s awfully close to the recommended daily total. And it makes KFC’s Double Down seem reasonable at 600 calories. This new treat doesn’t appeal to me but I’m sure there will be plenty of fair-goers who will want to give it a try. And unlike chocolate covered bacon, this item can be easily made at home. But you can bet the kitchen monkeys and I will take a pass this time.