Movin’ On Up

We spent another Sunday with our great friends Jeff and Laurie as they settle their “cottage” into the lovely town of Bayfield.  

I hope to write a lot more about this in the future because moving a house from one foundation to another is a rather fascinating process.  So now the home has been moved and on Sunday it sat suspended above the foundation where it was to be placed on Monday.

Ranch home with cream-coloured siding held by beams above a foundation

The outside of the house will be sided with board and batton as well as field stone.  It’s in a beautiful location and it’s been a wonderful experience to watch it happen for them.  The place has “good bones” and will make a lovely home away from home.  They were able to save some of the trees that everyone told them had to all come down.  They’re the talk of the neighbourhood as you can imagine!