Month: December 2011

Happy New Year!

Health, happiness and good fortune – my wishes for you (and me!) for the New Year! (artwork by Stockerre)

Favourite Story of the Week

This week was full of feel-good stories.  London came through and helped the Business Cares Food Drive smash its goal to pieces.  The community of White Hills rallied around a family of five that lost their home to fire.  But there was one tale that stood out among all others for making me smile.  

Government Gobbledy-Gook

I had to fill out a form in order to apply for an SOP – Special Occasions Permit.  We need a liquor license for the upcoming bike show in Hamilton.

Occupy Caterpillar

Occupy London, where are you now?    The remnants of the group that camped in our Victoria Park pulled a lame little stunt this week while just a couple of kilometres away what they claim to be fighting is spinning out of control.  

The One Percent

Thought you were about to read another blog on the occupy movement, didn’t you? Fooled you!  

McGuinty’s Bold Moves

The photos are long lost now but I wish I still had them.  Then-Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty and his team in the CHML Hamilton studios as he succumbed to an hour-long interview and phone-in on my talk show.  It’s not because I’m his fan or supporter or anything but it was a moment in time …

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Article 457

In yesterday’s blog my Occupy Byron neighbours made reference to repealing Article 457 of the Bank Act.  Not knowing the Bank Act very well I decided to investigate.  And it’s no wonder they want it repealed.

London Lawn Occupiers Respond

A couple of weeks ago I published a photo of a house down the street that has joined the Occupy movement in its own way.  They’ve erected a tent and put up a few signs.  The tent is now decorated for Christmas!

Picking My Battles

A great publicist is worth his or her weight in gold.  I’ve worked with all kinds.   From the ones who want you to do their work for them to the ones who try to tempt you with extravagant bribes in the expectation that you’ll look favourably upon their client.  Hey, how do you think …

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