Wow. Just, Wow.

London has exactly one television station.  Yup.  One.

So for those who want local TV news, the news anchors here are a pretty big deal.  Yesterday we learned that senior CTV London news anchor Dan McLellan spent Christmas in jail after he was arrested Christmas eve on assault charges.   All we are being told is that the complainant is an adult woman, there are several counts of assault and that the arrest occurred at a London address.

What I find fascinating is that the alleged victim has a court order that prevents anyone from revealing her name.  Meantime, McLellan’s name is all over the place…including here.

Dan is innocent until proven guilty.  The circumstances surrounding the case have not been made public.  He had a bail hearing yesterday and got to go home but he’s now on “leave” from his job.

Dan knows that if it were one of the city’s radio anchors accused of a crime, he and his colleagues would be reporting it with zeal.   Media revel in nothing more than seeing one of their own in trouble – it’s a sad but true fact.  And when something happens to a fellow media pro, we pounce on it like it’s salmon day at the cat shelter.   CTV would be all over it if the tables were turned, so we’ll follow this story to its bitter end but I just want to remind my esteemed colleagues that things aren’t always as they seem, let’s not draw conclusions until we know the facts, and let’s give the man the benefit of the doubt.  After all if it had been me arrested and jailed, that’s what I would be hoping my media comrades would do.

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  1. I can’t wait for the outrage industry to jump on this one. You know — the people in London who are paid to be outraged all the time. The concept of innocent until proven guilty matters little to them.

    1. Yes there are some who make outrage their bread and butter. It’s unfortunate! It’s…outrageous.


  3. Lets take this with a grain of salt. Believe me when a woman says she is assaulted,even if it is not true, you go to jail. Been there. Remember, you are innocent ’til proven guilty in the Canadian justice system. ( Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned). Lets wait till all the facts are out, right or wrong.

    1. Agreed. Lots of things can happen and everyone needs the benefit of the doubt until (and if) it’s proven otherwise.

  4. A Backer for Dan

    My daughter and Dan dated about 7 years ago, and although she and Dan stopped dating, they remain friends. My daughter has great memories of a kind, gentle man, not what has been alledged. Agreed! Since when is someone guilty before proven innocent!

  5. Thanks “A Backer for Dan”. My impressions as a viewer and fan of Dan was always that he is a gentle man. Hold your head up high Dan and keep the faith… life often takes unwelcoming turns. The real test in life is how we handle ourselves in times of adversity. My brother coached a ladies rowing team in TO. One not so nice lady charged him with something he did not do. He too is a gentle man and would never harm any one. My brother had to hire a criminal lawyer. In the end the lady recanted, my brother was cleared and she was banned from the rowing club. May the challenge before you make you strong and lead you to an even better place in the future Dan.

  6. We should remember that given the date,time and season, excessive consumption of alcohol was probably involved……

  7. I’m with Dan – keep the faith. Unfortunately these days it doesnt take much for a woman to cry “assault/abuse”. In the past little help was given to a woman but nowadays I believe they put “too much” help. I have a friend that grabbed his girlfriend by the wrist as she walked past him & after waiting til a bruise appeared she accused him of assault as well & he was hauled off. Stay strong Dan cant wait to hopefully see you back behind the desk.

  8. Dan…..ctv news is not the same without you!
    You have many supporters who believe innocent until court proves otherwise.
    Stay strong and know that you are very much missed.
    Will be awaiting your return to the airways.

  9. Backer to Dan

    Its people like John, and their “theories” that create false rumors and cause more anguish to the people who care about a man whose life is in a the state ruins. Stand tall Dan, there are tons of people who are “backing you”. I personally know a female who laid charges against several men and didn’t have the backbone to attend court or let her name be out there, because she was an alcoholic, so back off John , let this man have his day in court and hopefully the phantom lady shows up.

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