Month: March 2012

The Adventures of Paddy Tyson

Readers of Motorcycle Mojo will be familiar with the name Paddy Tyson.  He is an Irish adventure rider who makes regular contributions to the monthly magazine about his trips near and far.  His book, The Hunt for Puerto Del Faglioli, takes him through Canada, the US, Mexico and further south on his testy Italian motorcycle he has nicknamed Peggy.  

A Brandt Randt – My Cup of Dumb Runneth Over

Why do I read comments on news stories?  They just make me crazy. Yet I’m drawn to them like an unlucky city slicker panning for gold. They’re almost as bad as comments about radio goings-on on the SOWNY or QUAD CITIES message boards.  In both cases the lion’s share of those involved are people spouting off about things they know nothing about.   …

Needling a Closed Case

I believe that that some conspiracy theories are probably based on facts.  Maybe there was a cover-up of aliens at Area 51.  Maybe owners of fast-food – no, I’m sorry, quick-service restaurants – are putting additives in the grub that make us crave more fat and sugar.  But I know this:  terrorists brought down the twin towers in New York City.  Flouride in the water strengthens tooth enamel.  And vaccinations prevent a whole host of diseases that used to be fatal.   …

On With The Show!

CTV in Kitchener came out and did a live broadcast from the show, as it was being set up.  Meteorologist Ross Hull did his weather stuff while sitting on or standing near various bikes and he interviewed Derek, who tried to bribe him to bring good weather for the weekend! …

Kitchener’s Turn!

It’s a World of Motorcycles Expo weekend.  This time it’s Kitchener where we are staging our second annual show Saturday and Sunday, Bingemans. Today is move-in day. It looks like a mild weekend ahead and we’re hoping lots of people have biking on their minds!  I’ll see you back here either Sunday or Monday, once the smoke clears and I return to some semblance of a routine.  Be good. Be careful.