Month: March 2012

The Adventures of Paddy Tyson

Readers of Motorcycle Mojo will be familiar with the name Paddy Tyson.  He is an Irish adventure rider who makes regular contributions to the monthly magazine about his trips near and far.  His book, The Hunt for Puerto Del Faglioli, takes him through Canada, the US, Mexico and further south on his testy Italian motorcycle …

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Bad Neighbours

It happened earlier this month but it’s still worth noting that when London was hurting, Ingersoll turned its back.

What I Learned on the Weekend

I can’t lift a Harley Road Glide.  Of course not, you’re saying, because a bike of that size is about 750 lbs!  But I can’t even right it once it’s fallen over and I learned this the hard way.

Up Periscope

I debated for a week about whether to post a story on this issue but if it saves one life, prevents one bum from feeling embarrassment, it’s going to be worth it.  

Wardrobe Malfunction

What in the world is a person supposed to wear when a winter that never was skips spring altogether and becomes summer?  

Perfection in News is Unattainable!

Everybody makes mistakes.  In days of old they would largely go away except for those who actually witnessed them.  But thank you Youtube for making them live on forever!  This has to be one of the best ever.  

What a Riot

By now you’ve likely heard about the St. Patrick’s Day riot here in my city of London.  What an embarrassment to me and my fellow Londoners.

Is HAES the Way of the Future?

HAES: Health At Every Size.  It’s an approach to health that’s growing, no pun intended.  It takes the focus off weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) and puts it on being as healthy as you can.  

Bike Show Peeps

Everyone should have a Kerry in their life.  Kerry Weaver is a friend but she’s also a mother hen, a warm and caring person who has integrity out the yahoo.  

Needling a Closed Case

I believe that that some conspiracy theories are probably based on facts.  Maybe there was a cover-up of aliens at Area 51.  Maybe owners of fast-food – no, I’m sorry, quick-service restaurants – are putting additives in the grub that make us crave more fat and sugar.  But I know this:  terrorists brought down the …

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Get The S Out of Here

So many people still think there is an s at the end of the Saving in Daylight Saving Time.  There is not.  So I had an idea.  Go with me on this.

Are We Done? Really and Truly???

Three bikes shows in a row are a lot to take on.  And I say that as the person who does NOT do the lion’s share of the work to make them happen.  I’m married to that person.  

On With The Show!

CTV in Kitchener came out and did a live broadcast from the show, as it was being set up.  Meteorologist Ross Hull did his weather stuff while sitting on or standing near various bikes and he interviewed Derek, who tried to bribe him to bring good weather for the weekend!

Kitchener’s Turn!

It’s a World of Motorcycles Expo weekend.  This time it’s Kitchener where we are staging our second annual show Saturday and Sunday, Bingemans. Today is move-in day. It looks like a mild weekend ahead and we’re hoping lots of people have biking on their minds!  I’ll see you back here either Sunday or Monday, once …

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